Sarah Potterton                 Victoria Rossiter

Henry Potterton                 Ian Stratford

Polly                                  Corinne Woodgate

Debbie                               Elizabeth Kemp

Nora Winthrop                   Allie Warren

Jackie                                Claire Wilson

Roger Featherstone          Colin Smith

Mr Tunnicliffe                    Greg Morgan

April 2013

Directed by Marilyn Towler

   Some time ago Bernard Potterton left his country house to the care of his house-keeper and went to live on a religious commune in the Orkneys. Now a new house-keeper has taken over and turned the property into a "house of ill repute" and business is booming!!

   Then Bernard dies in a tragic farming accident, and his brother and sister arrive at the house to sort out his affairs. On discovering that Bernard's brother is a Chief Constable, a major cover up operation begins with staff and customers assuming a variety of roles to try and keep the truth hidden, with hilarious consequences.