John Chapman & Michael Pertwee



Fisher                         Ian Stratford

Kurt                            Ulli Funken

Heidi                           Joy Tugwell

Monica                       Shirlee Grundy

Cadwallader              Colin Smith

Mitzi                           Claire Wilson

Tregunter-Jones        Allie Warren

April 2011

Directed by Meg Stratford

 Peter Fisher is the manager of the West Berlin office of a British car company and business is not surprisingly quiet. He is also an undercover agent for British Security of Industry - a role for which he is singularly ill-equipped! With his wife Monica due to fly home to England, Fisher is planning to spend his birthday quietly, but when Monica's plane is delayed she returns home, followed in rapid succesion by Heidi, Fisher's mistress, Mitzi, a voluptuous singing telegram, Cadwallader from B.S.I. who is awaiting the arrival of Hans, a top spy from the East and Tregunter-Jones a rather butch Rep. from the motor company.

  Amid a great many comings and goings and considerable confusion, the elusive Hans finally makes a brief, if somewhat unusual appearance.