The Woman             Sylvia Lanz

The Man                   Ian Stratford

The Girl                    Sarah Kettlewell

The Young Man       Greg Morgan  

November 2016

Directed by Peter Baker  

   Are you brave enough to enter Veronica's Room?

   This chilling mystery thriller by the author of Horror classics Rosemary's Baby and Deathtrap, takes you into an absorbing spider's web of fantasy, reality and danger.

    Susan Kerner, a young beautiful Oxford student is on a date with the charming Larry Eastwood in 1973. The young lovers find themselves at The Brabissant mansion, invited by the Mackeys, an elderly Irish couple who are struck by Susan's strong resemblance to Veronica Brabissant long since dead. Together they enter Veronica's room, untouched since 1935 and nothing will ever be the same again for them