Teddy                  Colin Smith

Joyce                   Vicki Rossiter

Mona                   Dawn Popplewell

Pearl                    Marilyn Towler

Roz                      Shirlee Grundy

Jessica                Corinne Woodgate

Derek                   Ian Stratford

Nick                     Peter Baker

Deidre                  Claire Wilson

Eddie                    Greg Morgan 

April 2016

Directed by Meg Stratford  

   A summer evening's barbeque is the setting for a meeting of the local Operatic Society. Next season's play is to be announced but Nick, the director, has promised four different people the lead in four different shows, under the pressure of blackmail, financial crisis, family loyalty and sexual favours.

 As the evening progresses the tension between the ridiculously diverse set of characters is stretched to breaking point. Which show will be picked? Who will get the coveted lead? Will friendships, marriages and the group itself survive? Will they ever light the damn barbeque?