LAUGHING STOCK - 3 short plays 




A Little Box of Oblivion 

Woman                   Corinne Woodgate

Cool                         Ian Stratford

Neuro                      Greg Morgan

Doom                      Claire Wilson

Dick                         Meg Stratford 

Look Away Now 

Aptly                        Peter Baker

Bloss                       Colin Smith

Char                        Jim Henshaw

Stewardess             Corinne Woodgate

Slim Chance

Jean                        Shirlee Grundy

Betty                        Joy Tugwell

Irene                        Vicki Rossiter

Anne                        Sarah Bleakley

Debbie                     Claire Wilson

Marj                         Barbara Woolnough

Edna                        Marilyn Towler

Louise                      Elizabeth Kemp


April 2015

Directed by Peter Baker 


Three very different but equally hilarious short plays.


 A Little Box of Oblivion by Stephen Bean is an absurd play featuring a cardboard box and a park bench. On a beautiful spring morning in a park in the middle of town a man sits reading his newspaper, suddenly a woman rushes up to him, asks him to look after a box for her and runs off. Soon the man is joined by several passers by, each with their own opinion on the contents of the box, the paranoia increases as the theories get more elaborate, eventually and just in time the woman returns.... but what's in the box ?


Look Away Now by Michael Frayn, when travelling on a passenger jet it is always important to listen when the stewardess goes through the safety lecture, you never know what you might miss...


Slim Chance by Peter Gordon is a delightful comedy involving the ladies of the local slimming club. Jean, the branch organiser, is frustrated as usual by the late arrival of her charges. Even when the motley collection assembles, it's clear that slimming is the last thing on their minds. The arrival of a timid new member, together with Jean's revelation of grim news from Head Office, forces them into action to save the group.