John Chapman & Anthony Marriott



Sir Justin Holbrook           Colin Smith

Stella Richards                 Shirlee Grundy

Arthur Pullen                     Jeff Wilks

Lady Holbrook                  Dawn Popplewell

Sir Frederick Goudhurst   Ian Stratford

Sheik Marami                   Adam Popplewell

Mrs Joyce Pullen             Joy Tugwell

Ms. Rubinstein                 Allie Warren

Dr. Cornish                       Derrick Cummins

April 2010

Directed by Peter Baker

  When Arthur Pullen turns up unexpectedly at the office on a Saturday morning he is shocked to discover his boss Sir Justin in the penthouse flat with a high class call girl.

  Arthur's morning goes from bad to worse with the arrival of both men's wives, a financial representative from Downing Street and a lusty Arab Sheikh intent on acquiring the company (and maybe a wife or two). As Sir Justin collapses under the pressure Arthur is forced to assume a new identity and totally different personality in order to save the country, and two marriages. Much hilarity ensues in a maze of misunderstanding and chaos until the whole affair is concluded to the satisfaction of at least some of the participants.