Lady Dorothy Cholmondley    Elizabeth Kemp

Major Rodney Pirbright          Greg Morgan

Lady Virginia Cholmondley     Lisa McGinness

Mrs Puttock                            Shirlee Grundy

Triggs                                     Corinne Woodgate

Mr Papadopoulos                    Ian Stratford

Boris Smolensky                     Colin Smith

Pat                                          Allie Warren

April 2014

Directed by Peter Baker

  At Priorswell Manor in the heart of the English countryside just after the 1st world war, Lady Dorothy and her beautiful daughter are entertaining some decidedly eccentric house guests, with the help of their equally eccentric staff.

 As the tensions rise it's only a matter of time before foul play occurs and the body count begins to rise. Stabbings, poisonings, shootings and all before dinner…

 Simon Brett's laugh a minute who dunnit has more twists and turns than an extremely large corkscrew and that's only in the first 10 minutes…