Falkland Cary & Philip Weathers



Beth                             Mary Cole

Hobby                          Brian Amey

Rudge                          Roger Lunn

Margueritte                   Betty Worrall

Luke                             Peter Boszko

Mrs Parsons                 Lucia Boszko

Madame Tic-Tac          Maisie Lowe

Chloe                            Sylvia Elliott

Det. Sgt. Harris             Jim Cottee

Clem                             Colin Lunn

Kate                              Thelma Chaney

April 1966

Directed by Bunty Swan

  Madam Tic-Tac, although deaf and blind, runs a coffee bar in the Edgware Road. It is a front for the gang of criminals that she is the boss of.

  Her young son Luke does not know about this side of her life. A night watchman is murdered during a raid by some of her men and for one this is too much and he decides to give himself up and tell the police about the Tic-Tac gang. The gang member who killed the watchman takes steps to silence the would be informer and to implicate Luke in the murder.

  Madame Tic-Tac now has to try and save her son.