Dick Whittington            Jo Charnley

Alderman Fitzwarren     Les Butler

Alice                              Julie Ainsworth

Sarah Suet                    Les Haines

Idle Jack                        Malcolm Bland

Captain Cockle              Bob Nafzger

Mr Mussel                      Mary Cole 

Sam Seaweed               Peter Baker

Town Crier                     Peter Baker

Sheik Dabottal               John Stratford

Tuffazell                         Pat Way

Werafez                         Melanie Scannell

El Macho                        Alison Curtis

Avocado                         Claire Stratford

Woman                          Jean Curtis

Fairy Tinkle                    Meg Stratford

Queen Rat                     Babs Barnes

Tommy                          Jean Nafzger


November 1989

Directed by Jim Cottee

  This sparkling and fun filled version of the traditional tale of Dick Whittington is delightfully brought to life by the pantomine specialist John Morley. All the favorite characters are here - Tommy the Cat, Alice Fitzwarren, Sarah the Cook, King Rat, the Fairy of the Bells, and of course, Dick Whittington himself.

  Alderman Fitzwarren's store, along with the whole of London, is plagued by rats despite the combined efforts of Alice, Idle Jack and Sarah the Cook. Dick Whittington has walked all the way from Gloucestershire to seek his fortune in London. On the way he meets a new friend, Tommy the Cat. Fitzwarren has won the contract to supply rat poison to the Sultan of Morocco. Along with the Captain & Mate they are all due to set sail on the 'Saucy Sal' for an exotic overseas adventure. A traditional panto tale of good over evil, with all the regular elements of songs, corny jokes and audience participation.