Sprules                               Jim Cottee

Simpson                             Charlotte Pullen

Miss Benita Mullett             Babs Barnes

Louise Allington                  Jan Ashdown

Aubrey Allington                 Malcolm Bland

Giles                                   Bob Nafzger

James Chesterman            Les Haines

Jean Everard                      Meg Stratford

Henery                                Peter Baker

George Maitland                 Barry Everitt

March 1993

Directed by Mary Cole

  This play was written in the 1920's by Will Evans and Arthur Valentine and revised and adapted by Alan Ayckbourn.

  Aubrey Henry Maitland Allington is an unsuccessful inventor who has accrued numerous debts. He inherits the interest on a fortune which will go to his cousin George Maitland on his death. George is rumored to have died, so rather than allow his creditors to take his newly-gained riches, Aubrey and his wife concoct the idea of his dying and coming back as George.

  But plans do not proceed as expected and the appearance of George's wife necessitates another "death." Another imposter arrives and requires yet another "death" and new identity. Finally the real George Maitland appears . . .