Toad                           Ken Cooper

Ratty                           Steve Golding

Mole                            Malcolm Bland

Mr Badger                   Bob Nafzger

Chief Weasel              Barry Everitt

Dobbin                        Jean Nafzger &

                                   Graham Wilson

Mrs Otter                    Jan Ashdown

Portly                          Alex Hill

Reginald                     Ian Harper

Fiona                          Shirlee Grundy

The Judge                  Jim Cottee

The Court Clerk         Jan Ashdown

The Policeman           Richard Harris

Jenny                         Maggie Lee

Nelly                           Jo McAllister

Maggie                       Jo Charnley

Flo                              Eve Fisk

Clementina                 Sarah Lewis

The Bargewoman       Megan Charnley

Zelda                          Jo Charnley

Rabbits                       Amy Charnley &

                                   Kelly Wallis

Field Mice                  Ruth Taylor &

                                   Emily Fisk   

November 1997

Directed by Mary Cole


  John Morley has taken the well loved characters of Toad, Mole, Ratty and Badger from The Wind in the Willows and woven their exploits into an exciting adventure story for all the family.

  Toad's addiction to caravanning and later his obsession with cars, his imprisonment and escape with the aid of Jenny and her washerwoman aunts, and his fight with the Weasels and Stoats to regain Toad Hall are all included in this hugely enjoyable pantomime.