Emily Dulay                  Mary Cole

Felix Dulay                   Bob Nafzger

Madame Parole           Meg Stratford

Marie-Louise Dulay     Claire Stratford

Alfred (4707)               Peter Baker

Jules (6817)                Malcolm Bland

Joseph (3011)             Steve Golding

Gaston Lemare           Ken Cooper

Paul Cassagon           Joe Drury

Sub-Lt Espoir              Richard Harris

March 1997

Directed by Ken Cooper

  Welcome to French Guiana where paroled convicts from the local penal colony move about with relative freedom. What we soon learn is that on the outside it is often very hard to tell who the real criminals are. Sometimes the only difference between freemen and those from the Bastille is that the incarcerated have been caught and prosecuted for their crimes.

  My Three Angels takes a warm, witty and romantic look at our long-standing moral convictions of what is right and wrong. We are taught that good must surely and always triumph over evil. But as is the case in our story, does the end always justify the means? This you will have to decide for yourself as our felonious triumvirate intervenes in the lives of an innocent family which is now perched on the brink of financial ruin. Proficient in the illicit skills of theft, forgery, extortion and yes, even murder, our unlikely heroes arrive in timely fashion to remind us all of what is truly most important. An honest appreciation of life, love and the simple serenity of domestic bliss.