Falkland Cary & Philip Weathers



Olive Steen                      Betty Worrall

Elise                                 Gillian Farrant

Skeeter Medallion            Ian Campbell

Michael Dunmore             Colin Lunn

Inspector Harris                David Miller

Isabel Dunmore                Mary Cole

Pieter Klee                       Roger Lunn

Annette Klee                    Mary Lowe

Mrs Kiernan                     Elaine Ross

Leopold Wilkes                Jim Cottee

April 1965

Directed by Bunty Swan

  Michael and Isabel Dunmore are entertaining a group of business friends. They all go to a reception apart from Michael. When they return they find Michael dead - it looks like suicide. But Isabel and the police inspector have their doubts - they both think that Michael was murdered by Skeeter Medallion - one of the party of business friends.

  However, they are unable to prove it. The inspector tells Medallion how he committed the murder - but without proof leaves. Isabel has gotten hold of the gun that was used and shoots Medallion and claims it was suicide as he was full of remorse for killing Michael.