Ray Cooney & John Chapman



Miss Whittington                   Shirlee Grundy

Arnold Crouch                      Colin Smith

Miss Tipdale                         Vicki Rossiter

Mrs Frencham                       Barbara Woolnough

Gilbert Bodley                       Peter Baker

Commander Frencham         Adam Popplewell

Harry McMichael                   Ian Stratford

Janie McMichael                   Claire Wilson

Sue Lawson                          Tanis Oliver

Maude Bodley                       Allie Warren

Mr Lawson                            Ulli Funken

April 2012

Directed by Meg Stratford

  A typically mad cap British farce about mistresses and minks in the London fur salon of Bodley, Bodley, and Crouch.

  Gilbert Bodley plans to sell an expensive mink to a mobster's wife at a ridiculously cheap price because she is his new mistress and he wants to "Close the deal" with a fantastic present. However, instead of doing his own dirty work, he gets his reluctant partner, Arnold Crouch, to do it for him and things go awry when the mobster decides to buy the coat for his OWN mistress.

  Soon the whole plan goes out of the window along with women's clothing and several other things. Mistaken identities, scantily clad women kept hidden in closets, mobsters, suspicious wives, and misguided shoppers keep this comedy moving along at a fantastic pace until the truly uproarious finale.