Emlyn Williams



Lord Chief Justice          Derrick Cummins

Mrs Bramson                 Marilyn Towler

Olivia Grayne                 Tanis Oliver

Hubert Laurie                 Ian Stratford

Nurse Libby                   Shirlee Grundy

Mrs Terrance                 Jan Cummins

Dora Parkoe                  Sarah Bleakley

Inspector Belsize           Jeff Wilks

Dan                                Colin Smith


November 2011

Directed by Dawn Popplewell

  Danny has already murdered one woman, and there is little doubt that he will soon murder another - the aged owner of the house. He gradually insinuates himself into her affections in a skilful manner, for Dan is a dashing young assassin, a completely self centred psychopath with no feelings and a vast imagination, who is perpetually acting, for his own edification, the part of the murderer !