Francis Durbridge



Glen                  Peter Baker

Maggie             Barbara Woolnough

Helen                Marilyn Towler

Sam                  Ian Stratford

Sheila               ShirleeGrundy

Ruth                 Allie Warren

Appleton           Jeff Wilks

Remick             Derrick Cummins


November 2009

Directed by Jan Cummins

  'Suddenly at Home' is not so much a 'Who Dunnit' as a 'Will he get away with it'!

  Businessman Glen Howard's wealthy wife, Maggie, wants to move to Bermuda. Glen doesn't like the idea of being a kept man, he likes his job, his lifestyle and his mistress ! So along with close friend, Sheila, Glen plans to do away with Maggie and to pin the blame for her murder on her former lover Sam Blaine. Everything appears to go perfectly until the arrival of the redoubtable Superintendent Remick...