Norman                  Peter Baker

Tom                       Phil Madgett

Sarah                    Joy Tugwell

Reg                        Ian Stratford

Annie                     Claire Wilson

Ruth                       Allie Warren


April 2009

Directed by Mary Cole

  Penned by one of the most famous playwrights of them all, Alan Ayckbourn's 'Table Manners' is a wonderful play of human observation and situation comedy. Part of the 'Norman Conquest' trilogy, it centres around the loves and life of the hapless Norman Dewers in his quest to make all women happy !! But this is also a telling cross section of the lives of those around him and a mirror into the lives of us all, as we struggle to get by the best we can. Six complex characters that you will adore, detest and probably recognise, take you through a weekend of laughter and tears in this simple but finely tuned tale.