Neville                     Ian Stratford

Belinda                    Dawn Popplewell

Rachel                    Joy Tugwell

Bernard                   Peter Baker

Phyllis                     Shirlee Grundy 

Harvey                    Jim Henshaw 

Eddie                      Greg Morgan

Pattie                      Sarah Bleakley

Clive                       Mark Godfrey

November 2018

Directed by Barbara Woolnough

   It's time for a traditional Christmas in the Bunker household, family and friends are gathered to enjoy each other's company over the festive period. Unfortnately (and predictably for Ayckbourn) none of them like each other very much, especially the married couples.

  Neville and Belinda are hosting her unmarried sister Rachel,  uncle Harvey a near-psychopathic security guard, Neville's sister Phyllis her inept husband Bernard and a strange array of puppets and Neville's former employee Eddie and his heavily pregnant wife Pattie.

  When Rachel's new boyfriend Clive arrives and immediately falls for her sister the emotional cauldron quickly reaches boiling point. With misbehaving toys, drunken party games, illicit liaisons under the Christmas tree and a ridiculous puppet show all leading to the inevitable explosive finale.