Norman Robbins



Hamilton Penworthy       Ian Stratford

Lucien Tomb                  Peter Baker

Dora Tomb                     Marilyn Towler

Emily Tomb                    Barbara Woolnough

Marcus Tomb                 Jeff Wilks

Anne Franklin                 Shirlee Grundy

Agatha Hammond          Meg Stratford

Freda Mountjoy              Allie Warren

Perry Potter                    Colin Smith

Monica Tomb                 Claire Wilson

November 2010

Directed by Jan Cummins

  In as sinister an old library as one is likely to come across, presided over by the portrait of a grim-faced, mad-eyed old man, a dusty lawyer reads a will (involving some millions of pounds) to an equally sinister family - one with werewolf tendencies, another thinks he's Julius Caesar, a third is a lady who plants more than seeds in her flower beds.

  By the third act there are more corpses than live members left in the cast: and what about the sympathetic nurse and the mystery authoress - are they all, or more than, they seem to be ? All is revealed as the plot twists and turns to it's surprising conclusion.