Claire Wilson


Stock Drama Group has been a part of my life ever since I was a tiny tot in the 1970's when I joined my Mum in a production of Babes in the Wood. Since then I have never looked back, having performed in numerous pantomimes, plays and musicals. I have played many different types of character, from scarecrow to principal boy, from maggot to evil murderer; all of the roles have been an exciting challenge, and the camaraderie within the group makes being involved in a production a fantastic experience.

Now my brother Ian has re-joined the group, it is a bit of a family affair, as long as I don't have to play his love interest! I sometimes help out backstage - although this can be just as stressful as being on stage itself!

I am also a member of the Drama Group Committee, where one of my roles is to research scripts for future productions, so watch this space, there are lots of great plays still to come.





Babes in the Wood Brer Rabbit Cabbage Patch Corner
The Old Woman who... Robinson Crusoe Outside Edge (1988)
Dick Whittington The Continental Quilt 4 Short Plays
Cinderella Habeas Corpus Frankenstein
Worzel Gummidge My Three Angels Aladdin
Rumours Lord Arthur Savile's Crime One O'Clock from the House
Pardon me Prime Minister Out of Focus Beyond a Joke
Bedroom Farce Stage Fright My Friend Miss Flint
Murder in Company Off the Hook Harvey
Table Manners A Tomb With a View Look, No Hans!
Not Now Darling Calendar Girls Flying Feathers
Caught on the Hop Laughing Stock Trivial Pursuits
Play On