Victoria Rossiter


Committee member 

The first time I appeared on stage I was five, it was a family holiday and we were watching a magic act, my brother pushed me on stage to help with a trick and that was it, I was stage struck!

As a young woman I joined the Lloyds Bank Drama Group, which was huge. We were able to perform in many London theatres with proper dressing rooms and stage crews, which was exciting.

I have now lived in London, Sussex, Lanzarote and now Essex and joined local Drama Groups each time. Stock has to be one of my favourite groups, the members made me feel very welcome and threw me on stage straight away in a role with 42 entrances and exits! Talk about testing the new girl... and then they asked me if I would be prepared to strip for the next play! I played Cora in Calendar Girls, it was a wonderful experience.





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