Commander Chittenden       Colin Smith

Leslie                                    Ian Stratford

Eve                                       Shirlee Grundy

Henry                                    Peter Baker

Mary                                     Dawn Popplewell

Celia                                     Victoria Rossiter

Perky                                    Adam Popplewell

Kit                                         Sarah Bleakley 

April 2018

Directed by Corinne Woodgate  

   A Portugese time-share villa has been double booked without the knowledge of company rep myopic, tippler Commander 'Chitto' Chittenden. When Mary and Henry arrive shortly after Eve and Leslie, Chitto believes them to be the same couple, the confusion is compounded when the two couples mistake each other for the servants!

     Henry seems to have the upper hand when he discovers that Eve is married, but not to Leslie. But then Henry's mother-in-law arrives and we discover that Henry and Mary are not what they are pretending either.