Miriam                Shirlee Grundy

Josey                  Marie Allcorn

Austin                 Jeff Wilks

Tudor                 Adam Popplewell

Margaret             Gwen Wilks

Maureen             Claire Wilson

Rupert                Harry Clark (Age 8)

Mavis                 Sarah Dixon

Avril                    Dawn Popplewell

Mansel                Bob Nafzger

Desmond            Rob Gemmell

Hugh                   Martin Heap

Warden               Lesley White

November 2001

Directed by Peter Baker

 A comedy for seven Women, five Men and one small Boy !

  Don't be concerned that the occasion revolves around the funeral of an elderly Father - not usually an occasion for hilarity, because when the family concerned numbers amongst it's members a Wellington clad Cook who bakes almondless almond cakes, another who's convinced his shopping trolley is a clever Dog called Rover (he's already been taught to beg!), and a Sister who's a happy inmate of a Psychiatric home the proceedings are bound to be lively!

  Add to this a posthumous joke played by a Father on three of his Daughters and the fact that they are not exactly a close-knit family and the scene is set for a scorching comedy of personalities and situations.