Edward Taylor & John Graham



Rt. Hon. George Venables M.P. Peter Baker

Rodney Campbell                       Rob Gemmell

Rt. Hon. Hector Cramond M.P.  Jeff Wilks

Miss Frobisher                           Sarah Dixon

Sybil Venables                           Claire Stratford

Shirley Springer                         Claire D'Arcy

Jane Rotherbrook                      Sally Nicholas

Dora Springer                            Jo Charnley

A Man !                                      Graham Wilson

May 2002

Directed by Shirlee Grundy

  "Pardon me, Prime Minister" is a farce in it's truest form, but with the action taking place at 10 Downing Street the situation can only prove to be even more bizarre... or can it ?

  The Prime Minister and the Chancellor are preparing a severely puritanical Budget taxing Gambling, Night Clubs and even Bingo Halls out of existence. On the eventful afternoon before it's presentation however, shocks are in store for both of them. The fact that a total stranger is intent on removing most of her clothes in the PM's office and that her dress ends up on his furious wife, is bad enough, but when two other ladies also appear in a somewhat less than fully clothed state and declarations are made that question the PM's suitability at such a delicate time, the ensuing mess needs to be handled with tact and diplomacy, who better than the Prime Ministers ever attentive Personal Private Secretary, unfortunately he has a personal private crisis of his own !