Peter Gordon



Helen Beaver           Dawn Popplewell

Sue Dixon                Claire Stratford

Evonne Duckworth  Mary Cole

Kath Enfield             Shirlee Grundy

Bob Enfield              Jeff Wilks

Leonard Trotter        Bob Nafzger

Wayne Bryant          Rob Gemmell

David Wright            Peter Baker

Linda Hammond      Claire D'Arcy

November 2002

Directed by Peter Baker

 Out of Focus is set in the annexe of a church hall where a series of over-bookings have occurred (sound familiar?) A wonderful mix of characters from the local community descend on the church hall for a variety of activities, inluding a Brownie troop meeting, a badminton match, the Vicar's wife's new pantomime and an illustrated talk on steam locomotives, each claiming their rightful place. Confusion reigns until everyone finally unites for a common cause, the production of the Village Pantomime!

  Over the next few weeks of rehearsals alliances are formed and broken as the members of the cast battle against the odds as opening night looms near. Events culminate backstage after the final performance at the cast party where everyone receives their just desserts.