Derek Benfield



Jane                     Claire Stratford

Andrew                 Peter Baker

Geoff                     Rob Gemmel

Sally                      Marie Allcorn

Sarah                    Sarah Dixon

Vicar                     Malcolm Bland

Audrey                  Mary Cole

Edgar                    Bob Nafzger

TV Repair man     Graham Wilson

May 2003

Directed by Shirlee Grundy

  Andrew and Jane's pleasant country house might well be described as accident prone. A number of people have already died there in unfortunate and embarrassing circumstances. When their daughter's young man, Geoff, arrives for the weekend, he is unaware of the house's reputation and after a misunderstood conversation gets the idea that the deaths are due to something more sinister.

  When the local Vicar decides to visit for tea, Geoff feels it is his duty to protect him at all costs. Meanwhile, after the discovery of two more bodies, Jane and her sister-in-law persuade Andrew to keep up appearances by hiding the evidence, with the use of their wheel barrow.

  After a day of hectic mishaps Geoff is almost convinced that he has been mistaken, however the unexpected arrival of his parents only add to his and everyone elses problems.