Ira Levin



Sidney Bruhl             Peter Baker

Myra Bruhl                Shirlee Grundy

Clifford Anderson      Rob Gemmel

Helga ten Dorp         Jo Charnley

Porter Milgrim           Jeff Wilks  

November 2003

Directed by Mary Cole

  Deathtrap is set in the home of successful playwright Sidney Bruhl, unfortunately now rather washed up. Once a master of the thriller genre his inspiration for the "whodunnit" has entered a dry period and the thought of living off his wife's money does not appeal.

  Of course what he really needs is another smash hit and, as his life lies in ruins, he receives through the post a new thriller by one of his drama students, it's his first play and brilliant and the only person to have read it is Sidney, who has already admitted to his wife he would kill for another hit - and that's precisely what he decides to do.