Bettine Manktelow



Mildred Pearce              Joy Tugwell

Justin James                 Peter Baker

Judy Rhodes                 Claire Stratford

Adelaide Marchbanks   Shirlee Grundy

Pearl Palmer                 Mary Cole

Edward Gibb                 Malcolm Bland

November 2004

Directed by Ken Cooper

  The action takes place in the dressing room of a provincinal theatre during the performance of a thriller. Suspense builds when Addie, the star of the show, begins to feel unwell and for the first time her understudy takes her place for the dramatic and violent last act of the play

  When a shot rings out in the theatre during the performance, one of the cast lays dead. Was it suicide ? Was it murder ? Who had access to the deadly stage prop and replaced the bullet with a real one ? With everyone a suspect the final revelation unveils not only the murderer but the price some actors pay to practice their art.