Charles                Malcolm Bland

Ruth                     Gwen Wilks

Madam Arcati       Mary Cole

Elvira                    Dawn Popplewell

Dr. Bradman         Bob Nafzger

Mrs. Bradman       Shirlee Grundy

Edith                     Barbara Woolnough

April 2005

Directed by Peter Baker

  The year is 1945 and the author Charles Condomine and his wife Ruth host a party at their opulent home in Kent. On the guest list are their friends the Bradmans and a rather excitable local medium Madam Arcati, who has been invited, rather cruelly, as research for Charles into a character of somewhat dubious psychic ability for his new novel.

  When they all sit down after dinner for the seance that they requested a rather unexpected result materialises in the form of a ghost which is none other than...  well if you don't know the story I will go no further than that. You will just have to come along and enjoy the fun that ensues, and ensue it certainly does in this enthralling tale of love, jealousy and a sprinkling of revenge!