Derek Benfield



Nora Catchpole              Mary Cole

Edna                               Meg Stratford

Fred Baxter                     Ian Stratford

Major Catchpole             Jeff Wilks

Charlie Mullins                Peter Baker

Harold Spook                  Philip Madgett

Mrs. Fletcher-Brewer      Shirlee Grundy

Carol                               Claire Wilson

Polly                                Joy Tugwell

Mr. Parkinson                 Bob Nafzger

November 2007

Directed by Barbara Woolnough

  Three dubious characters book into an equally dubious hotel run by very dubious staff... Dubious you might think, and you would not be wrong.

  This is an extremely funny play with the most colourful set of characters you are ever likely to come across. Not since the highly comical "Fawlty Towers" came to our attention has such a turn of events unraveled itself before you. Stolen money, escaped prisoners, nymphomaniacs, chases, bodies, love and hate all abound in this whirlwind of a production... and we haven't even mentioned the pigs !